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How Pets Help Against Stress & Diseases As Coronavirus Triggers

By AllAboutPetsPk Admin June 22, 2020

Who doesn't love cute-sounding beings roaming around your house or singing from a cage from the earliest ray of light! If you're a pet lover, you'll definitely get the idea of the ways pets can bring the positives out of your life. Science has also strengthened this theory through different studies and surveys. Whether you have a Persian Cat or an African Grey Parrot, Labrador or German Shepherd, a Goldfish or a Macaw, all these precious pet species are proven to bring happiness. Many pet lovers will agree that during this coronavirus pandemic, their pets have cheered them on their rough days. Many researchers have surprisingly found that pets can make you ten times happier than any human and helps you become a better person in general.

Pets, your best medicine against stress

You can share your joy and your sorrows with these little beings without the fear of being judged!

Aside from the scientific aspect, many personal experiences of different individuals show how pets can help them recover from significant issues, including depression, anxiety, drug problems, and many health-related problems. Although, this doesn't prove that you won't need a doctor for your health problems if you have your pet animal around you. Yet, they have a measurable impact on your well-being and your mental or physical health.

 In this article, we'd like to discuss some of the most obvious ways your pets can bring a positive change in your life.

Tend To Lift Your Mood

Almost every pet owner has many experiences to share how interacting with pets can lift their mood. Different recent surveys thoroughly prove that the ability of animals to promote a better spirit in the people who often interact with them is much higher than that of humans to humans. Most people are aware that spending time with a pet can bring a rapid increase in your love hormones, which are scientifically known as oxytocin levels.

 There is a considerable complexity behind oxytocin levels as they're quite simple to raise. The major factors that depend on the rising or falling of these levels are the situations and likeness towards people. It is said that pets have different types of oxytocin receptor genes, which tend to react differently towards people. When these hormones are released, people tend to feel the bond with their pet, which can help to cheer up your mood. Pets having the highest level of love hormones are dogs, mainly puppies.

Improve your immune system

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that pet owners don't get affected by diseases easily. Pets are known to improve your immunity system by increasing your immunoglobulin-A level. Immunoglobulin-A is a healthy defense mechanism of your body that is vital for building a robust immune system. Scientists haven't completely discovered an antidote for COVID-19 yet, but many doctors have said that we need a secure immunity system to recover from it. Dogs release such microbes to us, which aren't usually released by humans due to a clean indoor environment, adding diversity to our indoor microbiomes. This can help to build a strong immune system that will help fight coronavirus.

Not only dogs but cats who love roaming in and out of your house can bring different bacterial species inside. These bacterias are generally called feline microbes can boost your immunity system efficiently.

Birds-As Introvert As You

We all know that birds are one of the creatures who need companions all the time. If you keep only one bird in a cage, you'll observe it, either getting sad or interacting with you a lot. This is because, just like humans, birds also want a friend. That's why many pet experts suggest you interact more with your pet birds, and you'll see them sing to you, play with you, and even talk or repeat your words.

If you are an introvert, then this will be the perfect pet for you. Even in these lockdown situations amid coronavirus, birds are an ideal pet compared to the four-legged ones; they don't roam and can be left unattended for some hours. They also keep your house clean as they don't litter a lot, not bothering you much during your busy routine.

Make Babies Active

As you know, up till now that pets can improve your immune system. But that's not all; they can also make your babies active and healthier. According to a study, babies living in a household with pets tend to get less sick than babies with pet-free houses. The essential years of building the immune system are between 2 to 4, and if you keep pets around your babies during those years, then you'll observe them growing up to be more active and strong. You'll find your babies running after them having a friend to improve their mental health and complete peace of mind.

Fish Help Alzheimer's Patients

It is proven by many psychiatrists, psychologists, and neuro experts that pets can help people who have Alzheimer's with issues like loneliness, dizziness, cardiac problems, etc. However, most people aren't aware of the fact that Alzheimer patient's suffering from restlessness can be treated by fish, particularly fish tanks resulting in complete relaxation and alertness.

The patient's having fish tanks are more concerned about their mealtime and eating a sufficient amount of food. In an experiment, most caretakers have surprisingly observed that they became less disruptive and aggressive than those without fish. A small aquarium can do wonders for the people fighting with such appalling disease.

Birds Are Relatively Inexpensive To Feed

Many people generally don't go for adopting a pet just because they don't have enough money for their care and maintenance. However, there's a secret of adopting birds, which is big birds eat less. Comparing to other pets, birds require a less volume of food, even if you provide them with the highest quality food. They just need some high-quality bird feed or fresh products, where only a single pound can last up to a month.

Even if you can't afford high-quality bird food, you can set aside a tiny portion of your own meal for them, and they'll never refuse to waste it. This way, you can get a peaceful friend within your budget, providing you happiness after tiring day at work.

May Help People With Depression

Due to coronavirus, many countries worldwide are experiencing lockdown, which has now lasted for several months. People are unable to interact with their friends or family, which has created a depressing environment. By staying isolated for months, people have started facing depression and anxiety disorders, making them overthink and even taking some people towards the edge of considering suicide. For such scenarios, having a pet can help you cope with depression. According to many studies, pet companionship can increase the quality of life, regardless of the issues you're dealing with and what health problems you're facing.

Many studies have also shown that your pets possess a kind of bacterias that can release anti-depressive rays to the owner. It is also stated that pet owners can be less affected by panic attacks or migraines compared to people without pets.

Teaching People To Behave Kindly

Having a pet can not only enhance your physical health and mental stability but can also improvise the way of your interaction with animals or humans in your surroundings. Pets can help you and your children be more gentle and kind towards others as they demand others to treat them kindly. If you are a pet person, you'll know you can not yell in front of your pet or observe them making noises, licking, or cuddling with you to cheer up your mood. Many researchers have observed that in tough situations, a dog can tolerate rough handling, but cats insist on treating them nicely. So, for getting attention or affection for your cat, you must be gentle, which will alter the way you treat people.

Most pet owners consider their pets as a part of their family. Some of them even give more attention to them compared to their children and gives them priority over their children sometimes. These benefits are not just for the adults having stressed life or are frustrated but also for growing children. Having a pet can teach children to be responsible and treating people nicely. To make your children strong and organized, you can let them maintain and take care of the pet. Besides pet grooming, you can also let your children take charge of the food given to your pet. This way, they'll be more active and sensible.

These are some of the best and proven ways your pets can bring happiness from your tiring day to your happiest day. You can share your joy and your sorrows with these little beings without the fear of being judged as they take away all your worries, brightened up your depressing day, calms you when you're furious, leaving you plenty of love hormones.

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