Kenyi Cichlid

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Metriaclima Lombardoi (kenyi cichlid) are beautiful sweet looking cichlids from Lake Malawi Africa. Don't let the cuteness fool you! These Kenyi cichlids are extrememly aggressive fish. They have great personalities and do recognize their owners when near the tank.

Kenyi Cichlid Profile and Catfish Care Information

Scientific name: Metriaclima lombardoi

Common name: Kenyi Cichlid

Care-level: Moderate

Size: 4-6 inches

pH: 7.8-8.2

Temperature: 78-80 degrees F

Origin/Habitat: Lake Malawi Africa, Rift Lakes

Lifespan: 18 years

Temperament / Behavior: Extremely aggressive!

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Compatible Tank mates: Other Malawi Mbuna, however caution when mixing with other kenyi (must only be in ratio of 1 male to 2+ females) and not with other fish from Metriclima group due to aggression. Not compatable with other types of fish, not a community fish.

Fish Disease: Prone to hole in the head and malawi bloat.

Fish Food: Herbivore, needs low protien diet with fresh veggies on occasion.

Tank Region: Bottom of Aquarium

Gender: Males are Yellow with barring, females are blue with black barring.

Tank Size: Minimum of 55g Tanks need to be long rather than tall.

Similar Species: Other Cichlids.

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