Polit Cichlid

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Pseudotropheus Polit cichlids are highly aggressive mbuna from Lake Malawi Africa. Polit cichlids stay rather small compared to the others. However, don't let the size fool you these guys are mean little beauties!

Polit Cichlid Profile and Catfish Care Information

Scientific name: Pseudotropheus polit

Common name: Polit Cichlid

Care-level: Moderate

Size: 3-4 inches

pH: 7.8-8.2

Temperature: 78-80 degrees F

Origin/Habitat: Lake Malawi Africa

Lifespan: 18 years

Temperament / Behavior: Extremely aggressive!

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Compatible Tank mates: Other malawi mbuna not to be mixed with other Pseudotropheus groups. If put with other Polits needs to be 1 male to 2+ females.

Fish Disease: Signs and treatments for some common freshwater fish disease hole in the head and malawi bloat

Fish Food: Herbivore, needs diet low in protien and fresh veggies.

Tank Region: Bottom of Aquarium

Gender: Males are white with black mask, Females are greyish with black bar down side.

Tank Size: Minimum of 55g Tanks need to be long rather than tall.

Similar Species: Other Cichlids.

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