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The Common Pleco or Plecostomus can be a nice fish for the appropriate tank. It is usually referred to as Pleco because of the superstition that if you spell it fully or correctly your fish will soon die. The common plecostomus is well known as an algae eater and can often be found stuck to the side of your aquarium. Many will get very large with the common variety getting to be almost 18 inches (46 cm) and will outgrow most aquariums under 55 gallons.
As your pleco gets older they may eat algae less often and you will need to supplement their diet with algae wafers that sink to the bottom of your tank. Shrimp pellets that drop to the bottom of the tank are another favorite. Drop in the algae wafers or shrimp pellets after you turn off the lights for the day to prevent the other fish in the tank from getting the food before your pleco can get to it.
There are varieties that don't get as large, such as the Bristlenose Plecostomus which reaches about 5 inches in size as adults.

Plecostomus, Pleco Profile Facts and Care Information

Scientific Name : Hypostomus plecostomus

Common Names : Suckerfish, Suckermouth Catfish

Care Level : Easy to moderate

Size : Up to 18 inches (46 cm)

pH : 6.5 - 7.5

Temperature : 73°F - 82°F (23°C - 28°C)

Water Hardness : 5° to 19° dH,

Lifespan : 10 - 15 years

Origin / Habitat : South America

Temperament / Behavior : Generally peaceful, but plecos can be aggressive toward others of the same species.

Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : It can be very difficult to breed them in a home aquarium.

Tank Size : Depends on the type, but a 55 gallon minimum for the common pleco given its large adult size.

Compatible Tank Mates : Many, given the mostly peaceful nature of this fish.

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Diet / Fish Food : Herbivore, try to supplement their diet with algae wafers

Tank Region : Bottom and the sides of the glass.

Gender : There are no visible differences between the male and female.

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