Paradise Fish

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The Paradise Fish (Macropodus opercularis) is also known as the Paradise Gourami. It gets to about 4 inches in size when fully grown and can be aggressive with other gouramis. The fins and colors on the males are super colorful and it makes them easy to differentiate from the females. Finding suitable tank mates might pose problems and it is not really recommended to introduce them into a community type tank setup. They are one of the more aggressive gourami species.

Feeding them shouldn't be a problem. They will accept flake foods, pellets, live or thawed insects, brine shrimp, etc.

Paradise Fish Profile Facts and Care Information

Scientific Name : Macropodus opercularis

Common Names : Chinese Fighting Fish, Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami

Care Level : Easy

Size : to 4 inches (10 cm)

Water Parameters : pH 6 - 8 | Temperature 74°F - 82°F (23°C - 28°C)

Lifespan : 5 years or slightly longer

Origin / Habitat : Southeast Asia, China, can settle in water ways with very low oxygen content

Temperament / Behavior : May eat smaller fish and will fight with other male paradise fish. May fight with other gourami species as well and chase fish with long fins.

Paradise Fish Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Bubble nest builder. Male will place eggs into the bubble nest after spawning and guard it until hatch.

Tank Size : 30 gallon minimum

Compatible Tank Mates : Larger tetras, some of the more peaceful bottom dwelling catfish, corydoras, some of the less aggressive cichlids, etc. They may go after fish with long fins like the freshwater angelfish.

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease

Diet / Fish Food : An omnivore - they may eat smaller fish species, insects, worms, brine shrimp. Should accept most tropical fish flake food, pellets, etc.

Tank Region : Middle to top

Gender : Males have much more color and longer fins than females.

Similar Species : Anabantoids, Betta, Gourami

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