Oscar Fish

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The Oscar fish is also known as the Red, Albino and Tiger Oscar. Originating in the waters of the Amazon, the Oscar fish is another extremely popular tropical fish. Their popularity stems from their personality, which has been compared to that of a puppy. Many keepers experience begging around meal times or the seemingly playful greetings they receive from their fish when they get home.
There are a few color varieties of the Oscar Fish including albino, olive-green, brown and dark gray. They can get quite large, usually 12-14 inches and should be kept in a 75 gallon or larger aquarium. The Oscar is also known for being one of the more messy tropical fish to keep. Try to get the best filtration system possible for them and be prepared to perform frequent water changes. They are known to rearrange their environment from time to time and to bash in to filter uptake tubes and heaters. If you are wanting to keep live plants in an aquarium you may not want to get an Oscar because they love to dig up plants. They are also very good jumpers, so a heavy hood is a necessity.
The Oscar Fish will eat most flakes, pellets, frozen, freeze dried and live foods including any other fish they share a tank with that are small enough to fit in their mouths.

Oscar Fish Profile Facts and Care Information

Scientific Name : Astronotus ocellatus

Common Names : Albino Oscar, Tiger and Red Oscar, Marbled Cichlid

Care Level : Easy, good for freshwater beginners with a large enough tank and those with an adequate aquarium filter and those willing to perform frequent partial water changes.

Size : 13 inches (33 cm)

pH : 6 - 8

Temperature : 72°F - 80°F (22°C - 27°C)

Water Hardness : 5° to 20° dH

Origin / Habitat : Amazon

Lifespan : 10 - 13 years

Oscar Fish Temperament / Behavior : They can be aggressive if not given a large enough aquarium.

Breeding Oscar Fish / Mating / Reproduction : They reach sexual maturity at 4 inches and will form life long pairs. Keep the water temperature around 82°F (28°C) and provide a spot for them to place the eggs. A large rock would work well.

Tank Size : 75 gallon or larger.

Oscar Fish Compatible Tank Mates : Not many - Bala Shark, Silver Dollar, Pleco and Jack Dempsey fish are some acceptable tank mates. However, don't put in any fish that are small enough to fit in the mouth of this fish.

Oscar Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease

Diet / Fish Food : Omnivore, will eat flakes, pellets, freeze dried and live foods. Give them a varied diet with lots of protein.

Tank Region : All over

Gender : Can be difficult to determine. The female is usually smaller and less colorful than a male of the same age.

Similar Species : Cichlids

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