Leopard Catfish

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The Leopard Catfish (Corydoras trilineatus) is frequently confused with the Corydoras julii. You can tell them apart by looking at the horizontal stripes. In the C. trilineatus they are larger. There are very similar aquarium care requirements between the two species.

Leopard Catfish Profile Facts and Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name : Corydoras trilineatus

Common Names : Leopard Catfish, Three Line Corydoras, Three Stripe Corydoras

Care Level : Easy

Size : Up to 2.3 inches (6 cm)

Water Parameters : pH 6 - 8 | Temperature : 72°F - 79°F (22°C - 26°C) | Water Hardness : 2° to 25° dH

Lifespan : 2 to 3 years

Origin / Habitat : South America: Central Amazon River basin

Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful small schooling catfish

Leopard Catfish Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : The female holds eggs between her pelvic fins, where the male fertilizes them. Female then swims to a suitable spot where she attaches the sticky eggs. The pair repeats this process until about 100 eggs have been fertilized and attached

Tank Size : 20 gallons (75 liters), keep them in schools

Compatible Tank Mates : Similar sized fish, peaceful species.

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease

Diet / Fish Food : They feed on small crustaceans, worms and plant matter in the wild. They will eat smaller flakes, micro pellets (new life spectrum micro pellets are really good)

Tank Region : bottom region, among the plants and in caves

Gender : When looking at them top-down, females will be thicker or wider.

Similar Species : Catfish - Corydoras | Bronze Corydoras | Dwarf Corydoras | Julii Corydoras | Salt and Pepper Cory (Corydoras habrosus) | Sterbai Corydoras

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