Jumping Up

Jumping Up

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When your dog jumps either on you, or another person, this type of behavior can be embarrassing, annoying, and harmful. Jumping behavior can be hard to stop, and so it is best to prevent jumping behavior before it starts. Here are some tips that will help prevent this type of behavior from developing in your dog.

Training Tips

A dog's enthusiastic greeting when we come home is quite a rewarding experience. However, allowing your dog to jump on you when you get home will teach your dog that this is appropriate behavior that is rewarded with attention. Instead, ignore your dog if he or she jumps on you. Keep turning away from the dog, and do not give the dog attention until the behavior stops.

Once your dog learns that jumping on you is not appropriate, it is important to reward good behavior. When you come home and your dog does not jump on you, give your dog plenty of attention and a treat. Take this lesson further to include other people as well. Every time your dog greets a guest in an appropriate manner, reward your dog plenty of praise and affection.

Do not reward your dog with attention, either positive or negative, when he or she jumps on you or other people. Pushing your dog down, petting your dog then letting your dog get down, or holding the dog back so it does not jump will still encourage the behavior. Ignoring the behavior can be difficult to do, but time and patience will ensure that you have a well behaved dog.

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