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Training your dog to crawl can be a quick and easy trick to teach as long as your dog already knows the 'lay down' command. Crawling is a progressive lesson, and it is a fun trick to teach your dog. Always remember to use positive reinforcement, and turn the lessons into a fun game for your dog.

Step 1:

Place a few treats in your hand, and give your dog the lay down command. Lay on the floor with your dog within arms reach.

Step 2:

Facing your dog pat the floor, convince your dog to come towards you, and say the word 'crawl.' Do not use the word 'come' or your dog may start to confuse the word 'come' with 'crawl.'

Step 3:

If your dog starts to get up when coming towards you, very gently push your dog down while you give the crawl command. Once your dog manages a short crawl to you immediately give a lot of praise, petting, and a treat reward. Repeat this step at least 3 times for no longer than 10 minutes. Try to do this at least twice a day.

Step 4:

When your dog is able to manage a short crawl, gradually increase the distance. As your dog is crawling towards you say the word 'crawl' over and over again until your dog reaches you. Then give your dog plenty of praise and a treat.

Step 5:

Keep increasing the distance, and make sure you repeat the lessons at least twice a day. Gradually phase out the treat rewards, but always, always give your dog plenty of positive praise for following the command.

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