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Dogs that chase cars are at an increased risk for experiencing serious injuries either from running too fast or if they are hit by a car. If your dog is chasing cars, it is important to stop this behavior immediately.

Stopping Your Dog from Chasing Cars

Once car chasing behavior has developed it can be very difficult to stop. Pet owners can try to increase their dog's level of activities by playing with their dog more often and taking their dog for plenty of walks. If the dog is chasing cars due to boredom, then livening up your dog's life may stop the behavior.
Dogs that are chasing cars because they believe they are running down prey or protecting their home will need more serious forms of intervention. The best method is to prevent your dog from getting outside where it can chase cars. A secure fenced in back yard and vigilance at the doors may help to prevent any escapes that lead to car chasing.
If a pet owner lives in an area that is impossible to fence, then the best way to prevent their dog from chasing cars is to install an electric fence. Once the dog crosses the invisible boundary when it goes to chase a car, it will receive a mild shock through a collar. While this is not an inexpensive option, veterinarian bills incurred through accidents and injuries from car chasing can be much more expensive.
A professional behavior therapist may also be able to help a dog to stop chasing cars. The therapist will need to spend time at the dog's home with the dog and the pet owner to instill behavioral modification techniques.

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