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There are ways you can help to prevent your dog from biting. You want to start as early as you can with your dog to prevent the potential problem, though If you are not able to, there still are a things you can do to help correct the problem.

Preventing Your Dog from Biting

When your dog is a puppy they will begin to start teething. The dog may want to nip or bite on something to reduce the pain. You can help your puppy by giving it a chew bone or a chew toy. Your puppy will be happy to be playing and you will be able to reduce them from chewing on other things.
Another way to help stop biting or nipping is to use a firm voice and tell them "no." The dog will learn eventually that this is a bad activity for them to do. You can also use a reward system of a treat when they listen to you, showing them that they are doing well by not biting or nipping.

There are also items in which you can buy to train your dog not to bite or nip. Such things as clickers or whistles when used properly during the action you don't want the dog to do, will signify to them that it is bad. After repeated use this can help the dog get used to the sound and know that when it is made they have done something they should not be doing.

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