Rough Play

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Rough crazy little kittens are a joy to watch. However if their rough behavior is encouraged, they can grow into rough out of control cats. Cats that play rough do not mean to cause harm, but their out of control behavior can cause bite wounds and scratches on other animals, and people, in the household. To discourage this type of behavior, here are some recommendations which will help to ensure that your kitty does not become a cat that plays too rough.

Training Tips: Start Early

While it may be tempting to use your hands and feet to play with your little kitty, this type of behavior teaches kittens that it's okay to play attack hands and feet. Kittens are naturally rough players, and allowing them to attack, kick, and bite your hands and feet encourages this type of behavior as your kitten grows. Always use toys to play with your cat instead.
Cats can pick up rough behavior from children who are not aware that they are playing too rough with the household pets. Before you bring a cat home, talk with your children about how to play with the cat and emphasize the importance of gentle interactions. Other animals in the household can also teach your new kitten or cat that playing rough is okay. Try to discourage this type of behavior by separating animals if they get too rough during playtime.
If a cat or kitten starts to become too rough during playtime, take the cat to a quiet room where it can settle down. Kittens may continue to play in their 'time out' room, but over time they will realize that rough play around people and other animals is not appropriate.

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