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The Chantilly/Tiffany has a semi-foreign body style and a full, semi-long coat. Their coat is silky, soft, and smooth, and the lack of undercoat usually makes them easier to groom. Somewhat a late bloomer, the Chantilly/Tiffany is slow to mature, usually not coming into full stature until about two years of age.
The eye color of the cat also intensifies with age. The head should be a broad, modified wedge with gentle curves. They should have a medium length nose and a strong, broad, short, softly squared muzzle and defined but not obvious whisker pads.

Coat and Color

Originally found only in the color of chocolate, Tiffany/Chantilly are now a range of colors including chocolate, blue, cinnamon, lilac and fawn. Accepted patterns are solid, mackerel, ticked and spotted tabby.
The color is rich. Shading in solids may occur toward the underside. The ideal Chantilly is a semi-foreign cat of striking appearance resulting from the combination of rich color and a full, silky, semi-longhair coat, plumed tail, contrasting neck ruff and ear furnishings.

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