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More and more veterinarians are seeing cats that are overweight. Similar to humans, being overweight can cause serious health problems like arthritis and diabetes. However, cat owners should know that in today's world there are options to help keep your cat from becoming overweight.

Increase Activity Levels

There are options available to cat owners to try and help them lose weight. Two of the most effective solutions are to increase activity levels combined with a change in diet. Cat owners who live in a city, or don't let their cat outside, should consider taking them for brief walks twice a day. Like anything new, it will take the cat some time to get used to being walked, but with a little patience the cat should be well adjusted to its new routine.

Diet Modification

A change in diet can also be an effective tool in helping reduce your cat's weight. However, it is important not deprive your cat of the basic nutrients required to live a healthy life. One very effective diet change is to reduce the amount of food your cat eats. It is extremely important to note that a crash diet is not an effective choice, and can actually hurt the cat's health. Reducing your cat's food intake should be done over time. Start off by first cutting 1/3 of the food out of the diet, and see if it helps. If there is no reduction in the cat's weight, consult your veterinarian before further lowering the amount of food any further.
Another useful diet modification solution is to change what type of food you feed the cat. A cat's metabolism turns carbohydrates into fat, while protein is converted into muscle. The next time you are in the store looking buy your cat's dinner, remember to look at the labels and choose a food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
Pet owners who have put their cat on a diet and experienced no reduction in weight, should consult their veterinarian as it could mean something more serious is wrong.

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