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One of the worst feelings in the world is to realize that your cat has run away. While many pet owners battle feelings of frustration and distress in this moment, fast action is necessary to increase the chances of locating the cat again. If your cat has run away, here are some tips that will help you to quickly find your cat.

Your Cat Probably Hasn't Gone Far

When cats escape from the home they often do not stray far. Many cats will become overwhelmed at the outside world and find a place to hide. This place could be in a garage, under a house, or under some nearby foliage. As soon as you realize your cat is missing, scout out any nearby areas where your cat may be hiding.
Cats may often try to return home at night when they feel safer, but then you may not be aware that the cat is trying to get back to the home. Purchase or borrow a cat trap, bait the trap with some moist cat food, and leave the trap near the home. If you suspect your cat is hiding somewhere and afraid to come out, leave the trap near this spot.

Enhance Your Search Effort by Notifying Your Neighbors

Once you realize your cat is gone, it is important to talk with your neighbors and inform them that your cat is missing. If your cat has been gone for more than 24 hours, put up 'missing' fliers with your cat's picture around the neighborhood. Call nearby veterinarian offices and animals shelters as well. If your cat has been missing for more than two days, place an ad the local paper detailing your cat's description and the area the cat went missing.

Being Properly Prepared is Key

There are two items that can help you to locate your cat quickly if your cat runs away: an up-to-date picture and a microchip. Try to keep an up-to-date picture of your cat handy just in case, and even if your cat is an indoor only cat, a microchip may help you to locate your cat again if your cat runs away, or if you and your cat are separated by a natural disaster.

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