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Cats need continual exercise throughout their life, just like people do. Unfortunately housebound kitties often become lazy and overweight if they are not continually encouraged to play and exercise. Obesity in cats can cause a variety of diseases, and obese cats also have shorter life spans. To keep your cat active, trim, and healthy, here are a few things that you can do to help your cat exercise.

Keep Your Cat Stimulated

Cats will become bored with their surroundings very quickly, and this boredom will eventually lead to reduced play and exercise. To keep your cat mentally stimulated, change your cat's toys frequently, and try to come up with new and fun games that you can play with your cat.

One of the most enjoyable ways you can encourage your cat to exercise is to purchase a small laser light. Dim the lights in the household, and then move the light along the carpet and the corner of the walls. Cats absolutely love this game, and they will get in quite a lot of exercise running after the light and trying to pounce on it.
Kitty condos can also encourage your cat to exercise. These condos can be expensive, but a quality kitty condo can last years and the investment is well worth it. The best kitty condos stretch from the floor to the ceiling, and they have different levels that your cat can jump on. These condos should have thick ropes that encourage scratching, and you should be able to hang toys off of the different levels. Even if your cat does not play much on the condos, plenty of exercise will still be gained from going up and down the condo; cats also love the security they gain from being high up on their 'tree.'

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