Extreme Pitbull Dog Who Can Climbs Trees




It seems that dogs have learned to climb trees. We have a Super dog Oscar who has mastered the art of climbing trees.

The Right Scratching Post for Your Cat

Your Sofa and your nerves are in tatters. You're scolding your cat, knowing all the while that it's futile. This is not a cocker spaniel you're dealing with. This is one of nature's most pragmatic and self sufficient creatures. Worse, you're well aware that your cat considers your behavior abberant. She looks at you as if you've gone slightly mad. "Why the Fuss?" she seems to say. "What are you raving about? I'm simply doing my thing--what's with you?

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You're at an impasse. What to do?

Leash Training a Dog or Puppy

 Adjusting to the Collar

If you are putting a collar on a puppy for the first time they will probaly be resistant to it for the first few hours that it's on, but don't take it off of him it will take time to adjust and before you know it will feel natural to them when wearing it. You want the collar to fit securely but not so tight that it's uncomfortable or hard for your dog to breathe. When your puppy is getting used to the collar it is a good idea to try and distract him from thinking about the collar by playing with him or giving him a treat. If you have a puppy that's still growing you need to check your puppy's collar about every week and increase the size as he grows.

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Why Dogs Chase Laser Beams (and Why It Can Drive Them Nuts)

When a wiggly little bead of light catches a dog's eye, nothing in the world matters more than capturing it. Unfortunately, "it" is just an ungraspable bundle of massless photons. The lack of closure in laser-beam chasing could be messing with your dog's head.

House Training a Dog or Puppy

House training is important for a good relationship between the dog and its owner. All dogs are capable of being house trained whether they are a puppy or an adult dog but the sooner you start the better. Dogs are creatures of habit, so if you let bad habits develop early it will be harder to change them in the future.


Ligers are Grrrrreat...

Ligers are extremely social animals. They are happy and content living with both lions and tigers. They also display genuine affection for their human handler's and trainers.



5 Most Common Horse and Rider Communication Mistakes

Communication is the foundation of our fellowship with all other sentient beings on the planet. We rely on communication through actions and tone to tell our pets when they are bad and good. We rely on communication to talk to our friends and neighbors. If we don't understand the spoken language of someone, we rely on gestures and sounds. Working with a horse is no different and requires just as much care as communication with anyone. Below are five common communication mistakes and misunderstandings between a horse and their rider.

Horse Riding

Snow Leopard of Pakistan

Snow Leopard

Local name:

Barfani Chita (Urdu), Ikar (Balti: Baltistan)

Description and Biology:

Although sharing its name with the common leopard, the snow leopard is not believed to be closely related to the Leopard or the other members of the Pantherine group and is classified as the sole member of the genus Uncia uncia. Due to the under-development of the fibro-elastic tissue that forms part of the vocal apparatus the snow leopard cannot give a full, deep roar and this along with differences in skull characteristics help to separate it from its fellow 'big cats'. In appearance, the snow leopard is strikingly different from the common leopard. Although it has similar rosettes and broken-spot markings, they appear less well defined and are spaced further apart. The fur is long and woolly and helps protect the cat from the extreme cold of its generally mountainous habitat. The general ground coloration of the cat is predominantly grey with brownish/yellow tinges on its flanks and lighter, often white fur on its belly, chest and chin. The head, which sports small ears and a distinctive heavy brow, is rounded and comparatively small for its body size, which can be up to 1.3 meters length and weigh up to around 70kg. The long tail, which can measure as much as 900cm, helps the cat balance as it moves over rugged and often snowy terrain. The powerful limbs of the snow leopard are relatively short for its body size and are supported by large, powerful paws.